What to do. The beginning of my training.

The new year has started and with every new year there is a chance for a new beginning, new adventure and new challenges. Each year also begins with an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been and where we want to go.  As the year begins, I ask myself: What skills do I need to acquire? What do I need to improve on? What new experiences will I find enjoyment in?

I’ve reflected a lot, considered what my passions are and how  I like to spend my free time. I’ve evaluated what my strengths are and what I find enjoyment in and have resolved that expanding my culinary aptitude is something that I want to do. It’s something I need to do.  It’s something that I can throw myself at with excitement and commit to totally .

Cooking as a skill is something that in my 28 years has eluded me for one reason or another. It has always been an interest, but always felt like a skill, one that I could be good at that was out of reach.

Growing up I always marveled at what a good cook my mother was and I still marvel to this day. Taking ordinary ingredients in appropriate proportions with a combination of innate knowledge, applications of cold, heat and chemistry and creating something that is greater as a whole than it’s part was a form of magic I always wanted to possess.

I also appreciated the cultural identity associated with food and its preparation, the stories it tells about people and society, and the history it passes on from generation to generation. The culinary arts are truly that, an art form that while attempted by many, done well by small number and mastered by a select few.

So here I begin my training and chronicle my learnings. I look forward to connecting with many, sharing knowledge and ideas and some fun along the way.

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