George Foreman Grill, Free To A Good Home

My Foreman Grill Collecting Dust
My Foreman Grill Collecting Dust

Like many culinary neophytes living in urban dwellings looking for a quick and easy way to produce healthy food, I purchased a George Foreman grill. It wasn’t a logical decision. I owned one in college and knew it didn’t cook meat very well and was a pain to clean. I also knew it seemed to remove the much enjoyed juices of my meat and rob anything I cooked of it’s flavor. I knew I didn’t really need one, but the store I bought it from was going out of business, it was cheap and supposedly convenient. I’ve used it exactly three times and it is now collecting dust on my windowsill.

I know that if I am to take cooking seriously I can no longer live with George’s miracle machine. I hopefully will be able to give it to someone less inclined to learn the art of cooking and not feel guilty about the culinary diservice I will be doing them.

I look forward to saying good bye to this modern “convenience” and welcoming finely cooked meat prepared using the means developed, tested and proven over many thousands of years. I’m sure life will taste much better.

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