Les steak frites, a humble attempt

I love steak. I would eat a steak for every meal if I could. To me it’s simply the best food on Earth. I especially enjoy a perfectly prepared steak frites, but alas I can’t run to a French restaurant every time I have a craving so I’ll just have to settle with my own attempts.

I’ve cooked steak in the past, but the frites, the complementary and equally important part of the equation were something that have eluded me. There’s no shame in trying so that’s why I set out to do tonight.

I referenced Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook to guide me on my path and followed the the outlined process. Who better to follow than a master French chef?

I started with my prep work of washing and peeling my potatoes. I then cut them into strips and heated up my oil.  The cut strips were placed into ice water to prevent oxidation. I then moved onto the next step of blanching them in batches and resting them on an empty plate. Once blanched, I heated up my oil and placed the strips back into the hotter oil to fry. Once they were nice and crispy, I placed them into a bowl with a towel to soak up the excess oil, removed the towel and coated them with Kosher salt and tossed them around in the bowl.

While preparing the frites, I prepared a rib eye steak, lightly seasoned with salt and coated with olive oil. While the frites were frying I prepared my steak until what I hoped would be medium and then plated it along with the frites.

I did rest my steak and frites on my plate for a few moments and then enjoyed a fairly decent meal. Table salt, which the recipe called for probably would have coated the frites better, but being the salt addict I am, I opted for the Kosher salt so I could have more salty crunch. This wasn’t a three star meal, but it certainly beat a frozen preservative laden meal lacking in flavor and substance.

The product of my labor
The product of my labor

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