An Inspired Sunday Morning: Part 2

As a follow-up to part one of my post, I also made a French-style omelette following the instruction of  the late and great master chef, Julia Child. While I was researching material to study at the beginning of my culinary odyssey, I came across a clip of Julia preparing a basic omelette on her classic show The French Chef.

Watching Julia Child cook brings back wonderful childhood memories stored in the deep recesses of my memory banks. Memories of baking cookies and cakes with my mother and maternal grandmother are the first to arrive, but quiet evenings parked in front of the tv watching in awe as she transformed simple ingredients into culinary masterpieces don’t take much longer to follow. That is the essence of French cooking as I have come to learn and is what she excelled and bringing to and teaching the American public about. I decide to use this clip as my inspiration for my breakfast.

I have what I would call an egg addiction. I love eating eggs, and if I had the time to cook them, read if only I got up early enough, I would eat them every morning.

Attempting to emulate Julia Child
Attempting to emulate Julia Child

I heated up my pan on high heat, tossed in some butter and as it began to bubble dropped in my whisked eggs. The eggs had been whisked in a bowl with a bit of salt and pepper. As the eggs began to cook and coagulate I shook the pan as depicted and within twenty seconds had my meal ready to serve and neatly folded onto a plate. I had never made an egg this way and it tasted great. I wish I had folded it a bit more and seasoned with some salt to bring out the flavor, but I guess this means I’ve left more room for improvement for next time.

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