Food Source Paranoia

It has been a month since I saw Food Inc. in the theater. Now just about everywhere and everything I eat I analyze, wondering where it came from re-living the haunting images of unsanitary and inhumane conditions and burned into my memory along with thoughts of genetically modified “super food”. I suffer from food source paranoia.

Perhaps paranoia is a bit strong, but I am very conscious of where my food comes from and how the animals I eat was raised and cared for and how the fruits and vegetables I eat were grown and potentially modified from their humble beginnings. Are all who are made to think about their food sources for once affected the same way?

Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing. I definitely have a deeper appreciation for what I eat, where it came from and how it came to be that grows each and every day and will along with learning cooking methods, commit to learning more about food sources and raw ingredients to gain a deeper understanding. A skilled cook can never truly perfect their craft without getting into the details and gaining a strong foundation not only in skill but in basic food knowledge.

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”
– Will Durant
(US Historian, Writer, Philosopher)

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