The Secret Is Out!

My mother while searching for my name came across my personal web site and then clicked through to this blog. I’m currently working on a re-design which I had hoped to have done before the “unveiling”, although I’m happy that she was able to read about what I have been up to. Now the pressure’s on to step up my game and improve my skill. The power of the internet and specifically Google’s search is truly amazing. I’m fortunate to have a really nice and encouraging mother unlike Julie Powell’s mother as portrayed in the film Julie & Julia, so mom if you’re reading thanks for your support and get ready for some really good food!

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  1. Your Mom hadn’t seen your blog up till now? Oh no!! Glad she finally did. She must be super proud of you. Plus, now she can send the link to all her friends and relatives. Moms love to do that, as you well know. 🙂

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