Fringe Benefits of Being a Food Blogger

I arrived home today to find a package sitting in the front entrance. I thought it was weird to be getting a gift since my birthday is 6 months again and amazingly I haven’t started to see Christmas decorations popping up. I wondered what it could be.

Mystery Package
Mystery Package

A while back I had signed up for Food Buzz’s tastemaker program. I totally forgot that I requested samples of bread as one of their most recent offerings. To my surprise I was given two loaves, one whole wheat and the other 12 grain.

Nature's Pride Bread
Nature's Pride Bread

One of the benefits of immersing yourself in a community is that your opinion is valued. The food blogger community is no different than any other. This will make a perfect addition to my lunch tomorrow and the days ahead as I do my duty of tasting as compensation for the free samples. Not too shabby I must say.

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  1. Great blog, and great freebies! Jared sent your link to me…everything looks yummy. Does this mean you’ll prepare something delicious to bring to the Stein Party?

    Check out my blog I’m not into recipes yet cuz I’m still learning to cook. But maybe you might find something interesting! Lots of wines and beers amke appearances, haha.


  2. Thanks for stopping by. I added you to my blogroll so people can check out your blog. I read it during my lunch break and now I am following you on Twitter. Did you sign up for the tastemaker program? I see that you are a FoodBuzz publisher.

  3. Hey Eric, thanks for the comment! It’s funny that we both mentions the benefits of food blogging. I’ve been amazed at the generosity of companies and Foodbuzz for what they do, and it’s pretty cool thing.

    Great blog; I read a bit last night and really like how informative your posts are.

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