Mom’s Birthday Party Menu Practice with Peach Crisp

My mom’s birthday is right around the corner, and while she might not like a reminder of how many years young she will be, it is still a milestone and one that I wish to celebrate. I’ve taken the bold step of offering to cater the party which not only involves planning the menu but cooking as well. I sense her nervousness wondering how I will pull it off although I am really looking forward to this and feel confident that everything will work out smoothly. To ensure that everything is just right careful planning and practice are required.

Last night I made peach crisp with some fresh peaches that I had recently purchased. It was really easy making pie dough this time around after having done it a few times now. Using the standard pie ratio that I had used before, I created half the amount as before yielding one disc.  While blind baking the crust, I cooked down the peaches in a pot with sugar, butter, cornstarch and a bit of vanilla and made the streusel. I then put everything together and baked the crisp for 45 minutes.  In no time at all I had my final result ready to go.

Peach Crisp
Peach Crisp

Although the practice is important, equally as important is not gaining 20 pounds before the party. Resolving this dilemma was easy as delicious desserts are always welcomed at the office. This morning I woke up and headed to the work with the peach crisp in hand. The only challenge left was fairly distributing what I had made which clearly wasn’t enough for the entire office. To solve this problem, I crafted an email to the office group alias and hit send just at the 10 o’clock hour as everyone was likely to either be at their desks, arriving to work or shuffling between meetings. This seemed like a logical and non-biased approach so as to not play favorites. I stated the following:

Depending on when you read this, one of these statements will be true:

  1. There is peach crisp in the kitchen
  2. There is no longer peach crisp in the kitchen.
Serving of Peach Crisp
Serving of Peach Crisp

Despite the calamity the ensued from the email as people rushed to the kitchen to get their sugar fixing, I did receive a lot of thank yous and praise for great tasting food. Interestingly enough I received as many comments and compliments about my email as I did about the food itself.

In the office food game everyone wants to be on the favored list. Not everyone agreed with my notification process, while others wondered why they didn’t get the secret advanced warning about the food payload I was about to deliver. It was all quite amusing.  While not everyone got a piece I can say that more food is in the works for the next few days and I welcome the feed back so that I can make mom’s preparations the best that they can be. So everyone in the office, get your forks ready.

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  1. Ok, I want some. A great crisp is good enough for me anytime, anywhere! Thanks for commenting on my Gourmet blog event post! Can’t wait to see what you make!!! And I like your blog!

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