Cooking Competition Ahead! My knives and skills need sharpening!

Last week I received word that Jumptap, the company I used to work for, will be having the annual International Buffet competition on March 10th. As always “alumni” are invited back to participate and even compete if they wish. The food is a big enough draw as it is, but as the reigning champion I have a reputation to uphold.

Needless to say, since leaving Jumptap in September of last year I have been quite busy getting my startup, Media Armor off the ground as is evidenced by my infrequent blog posts. Aside from the occasional pasta making and the cooking classes I took in the fall, I’ve all but hung up my apron and put away my knives and let them get dull.

All is not lost, there is time to hone my skills and sharpen my knives. Like a fighter called out of retirement I must retain my honor and claim the grand prize again (ok, that was lame). In all seriousness I’m excited to have something to prepare for.  Last year, I prepared a two part dish entitled “The Two Sides of Eric”, a combination of my Latin Mother and American Father’s backgrounds.

I cooked mini huevos racheros which involved hand-made tortillas, homemade refried beans, scrambled eggs, salsa and cheese as well as baked potato nests filled with scrambled eggs and topped with bacon bits and ketchup on the side. Everything was prepared fresh on a griddle and a hot plate in the competition room ensuring that the food was hot. The wafting smells of food being cooked may have helped secure my judging…presentation is everything.

With the competition ahead, I wonder how I can top my performance and retain my title as champion. Suggestions are welcomed. This is serious business. Jumptappers, you better get ready for a throwdown. It’s go time.

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