Victory was not mine at the Jumptap International Buffet

Last Thursday, I was able to attend the Jumptap International Buffet. It’s an annual competition at the company I used to work for where current employees and “alumni” are invited to participate. As a diverse company, there never is a shortage of interesting food to savor. I won last year with my dish “The Two Sides of Eric“. While, not an excuse, I had very little time to plan and worse yet no time to cook! I had an early morning investor meeting which left me with one option, baking.

Having made it a few times now, I opted for the Magnolia Bakery Cake and Frosting recipe. So as to have many easy to serve portions the recipe was made as cupcakes instead of a many layered cake. It was uninspired for sure, but I’m not one to arrive at a party empty handed. The setup was great. It spanned many tables along one of the hallways.

Jumptap International Buffet

There was a bit of trash talking before the event. I was warned that Jorey Ramer was planning an elaborate exhibition, one that should be feared. He had gone through some test runs and upon my arrival, it was evident why. It was quite a masterpiece and tasted really good.

Jumptap Waffles!

With such stiff competition, my cupcakes looked a little sad, but oh did they pack a punch full of taste.

Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Cupcakes and Frosting

Jose entered an interesting combination of vanilla bean and bacon ice cream.

Vanilla Bean and Bacon Ice Cream

Along with taste, presentation makes a huge difference. Jose was there to rally the troops and secure the votes. He ultimately won reclaiming the title back from me!

Jose wins the competition

It was great fun to see everyone again and to taste some amazing foods. People that I didn’t even know were into food made some great dishes. I made more than one pass at the table and left full and happy. I’m undeterred and will be read next year to win back the title. Key are the winning combo of presentation and flavor. Add a little creativity and I have a good shot.

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