A Return To The Kitchen

It’s been almost three years since my last post. It doesn’t seem possible and yet here I am with a blog resembling many others with no updates. After launching my company Media Armor, Inc it became harder to cook, document with pictures and write about my cooking and learning. Media Armor was recently acquired by Nomi Technologies, Inc in January, freeing up a lot of my time. In May I married my amazing wife Elizabeth and as part of the acquisition, commute between New York where Nomi is located and Boston where my wife and I have been living.

Three years may have passed without writing, they have been three years of immense learning and growth in and out of the kitchen. With the stress and time constraints of running a business behind me, times are still busy, but I have plenty of time to read, learn, and most importantly, cook!

I continue to think about what’s next and how I can increase my skill at cooking. As part of that learning process I’m exploring school, working opportunities in the food industry and reading anything I can get my hands on, all of which I’ll share just as I did before.

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