Cupcake Class at Butter Lane, NYC

I find myself in New York City during the week for work. A change in Location offers new opportunities, experiences and places to take classes! After hearing co-workers rave, I decided to sign up for classes at Butter Lane Bakery in the East Village this week. I’m not a cupcake person, never jumped onto the craze and rarely walk to the East Village. That aside, I figured, “what the hell?”, and signed up for the Become a Baker class.

Butter Lane Entrance

Butter Lane Display

The class lasted two hours, and consisted of six students. I almost can’t remember when the last time was that I baked something, and with my tiny apartment kitchen (more on that in future posts), cooking has been a challenge in the city. The class was definitely fun, the perfect size and focused enough to show anyone the proper techniques to achieve success. Our instructor Gabby was knowledgeable and yet patient, ensuring everyone followed along at pace with all of us yielding great results. I was really surprised by how small the work area was compared to classes I’ve taken in the past.

Butter Lane Class Setup

Working in pairs, we created three different batters and accompanying frosting.

Butter Lane Cupcake Recipes

The class flew by. With so few ingredients, the results were definitely better than I expected, then again, the recipes weren’t of the health food kind, with plenty of butter and sugar added to the batters and more sugar with cream cheese for the frosting.

Butter Lane Scooped Batter

Butter Lane Baked Banana Cupcakes

Butter Lane Baked Cupcakes Three Recipes

Butter Lane Baker's Dozen Cupcake

Butter Lane Frosted Cupcakes

Needless to say, I couldn’t eat these all by myself. They were a hit in the office. I’m glad I claimed mine before I set them out in the kitchen. They were gone in a matter of moments.

Butter Lane Boxed Cupcakes From Class



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