A Return To The CSCA

Cambridge School of Culinary Arts

Given my Boston roots and recent visits to other schools (ICE and ICC), I keep circling back to attending the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. It’s size, location, and focus, seem like a great fit. Over the past few months I’ve been communicating with the admissions staff regarding the school’s programs, Culinary and Pastry, trying to decide which track makes the most sense. Much of it is a personal decision as much as a career one. The decision between a certificate and the professional program is also one that I’m considering.

Yesterday I visited the admissions office to get more perspective and to ask more pointed questions I’ve been wrestling with regarding what’s next. The conversation was easy, informative and gave me better insight into the program. Fingers are crossed as to how the next few months will unfold. Based on work commitments, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to start with the January class or if I’ll have to wait for May. The prospect of school is still as exciting as it ever was and I have a lot of thinking to do around applying.

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