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My name is Eric and I am learning how to cook. I created this blog in 2009 to track my progress as I learn the art of cooking, go through many trials and tribulations and gain the experience necessary to not only call myself a good cook but hopefully some day a great cook.

The term “Agoge” as explained by Wikipedia refers to “the rigorous education and training regime for all male Spartan citizens”. Sparta was known as a warrior state during it’s time that produced the best of the best warriors. While “it encouraged conformity and the importance of the Spartan state over one’s personal interest” to generate the future elites of Sparta, I my aim is to create food and to cook as a form of expression and contribution to family and friends, and community.

No one in history has ever achieved great success on their own and I don’t expect to be any exception with the task I have taken, to become a culinary artist in my own way.

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, the son of two loving parents and a brother to an amazing sister. I am blessed with with a wonderful wife and an extended family that is both close and far in geographic distance and and who is diverse in culture and individuality. I am half Honduran and half White-American, proud of my heritage and my cultural identities. I attended Babson College, an entrepreneurially focused institution of higher-learning and graduated with a degree in business. The company I co-founded was recently acquired (January 2014) and I look forward to spending more time cooking, learning and increasing my skill in the kitchen.

Thank you for visiting my site, a live, documented journey I hope others enjoy reading, learning from and contributing to.

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